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Curse Of The Alpha

Declan Hall is still trying to come to terms with the reality of multiple situations. Ones that are continually making his brain go into a desperate overload. He’s infatuated with the beautiful Noelle, but the newest happenings have made life nearly impossible to be with her. Should he move on? He’s got a real chance to find a cure for the after-effects of silver.

This could save his entire pack from the hunters… and ultimately from the threat of extinction. But who is this Doctor Edmund Stone? And why would he even want to help out a pack of werewolves, anyway? Declan tries to remain the perfectly strong and focused Alpha that his pack members need. But his intuition is sometimes flawed by his own longing heart. A heart that longs to be with his one true desire.

The gorgeous Noelle. But, right now, she’s ignoring him for letting her family become involved. She’s even looking elsewhere, it seems. There are secrets coming to them all. But who will it affect the most? And in what unbelievable, mind-shattering ways?


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