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Heart of the Alpha

Book 6 in the Full Moon Series

When Gabriel is ousted from the pack, he finds himself almost alone. He has his friend Tanya, but even she’s unsure if she wants to be with him. This could be a lonely life if she leaves, too.

Meanwhile, Declan finds himself reorganizing his pack and getting ready for an all out war with the werewolf hunters. He’s on the right track, but they’ll still need to compensate for the silver, somehow. It’s deadly, and it can wipe the pack out, almost instantly.

Noelle is human again, and she is finding herself jealous about Declan. She doesn’t want to share him with anyone, it seems. This newfound relationship might take some work, and a sense of humor.

Will they win the war against the hunters? And will Gabriel be allowed back into the pack after what he’s done? Only time will tell, and there’s not much of that left. The clock ticks as war looms.

“The war will have its consequences, and love will have its way, too.”

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