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Missing The Alpha

Book 5 in the Full Moon series.

When Noelle finds herself in the deep, depths of the forest, she feels lost and delirious in her plight to find her way back home. But where is she? And how on earth will she get back to where she belongs? Luckily for her, the wheel of fortune is slowly turning in her favor, or is it? That’s something that only time will tell…

Meanwhile, Declan is on a quest to become a wolf again, but the journey he must follow is unknown and relenting. He’ll need more than luck to get him where he needs to go. He must find a witch, but that’s going to be easier said than done. He really needs to get back to his pack. Unfortunately, Gabriel is in charge, and it’s not looking pretty, so far.

The pack is still suffering at the hands of Gabriel —he’s acting like a spoiled-brat tyrant and has the wherewithal to kill whomever he pleases, at will. This is going to take more than some inspired action to change the balance of power, now. In fact, it will need the brute-force and agility of a wild, assertive, masculine werewolf. Someone just like Declan


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