Jared Clark is next in line to be the Alpha of the Silver Pines pack, a tucked away community of werewolves that have been protected by his father for years. Jared is the most advanced hunter in his pack, and most adept at integrating new wolves into the pack, but his father has placed a roadblock in his path before he can ascend to Alpha status.

He needs a mate to make his claim legitimate, and with the increasing pressure that James is placing on his shoulders, he’ll need to find one fast. Jared and his beta, Collin, embark on a cross-country trip in the hopes of finding a woman worthy of an Alpha.
Enter Darcy Reed, a young waitress working full time at the Davidson Hotel. Upon arriving at work she spots a tall and sexy man, with sculpted muscles and a face custom made by the Gods in the hotel restaurant. Intent on shaking up her normal routine, Darcy makes it her mission to get near this man. She can’t resist Jared the pull of Jared’s smoldering glare and the darker thrill of the danger that comes with him.