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Hey, everyone! I want to show you a snippet of, “In Love with the Alpha” it’s Book 1 in my Full Moon Series. I hope you really love it as much as I loved writing it for you!

As the years went on, Declan formed a solid pack. This included his mate, Cassie, who helped calm the brand-new werewolves, holding their hands through their cravings and involuntary transformations. Declan’s fingers pecked across the worn-out letters on his keyboard, typing out a response to a newer werewolf that was requesting one on one training time with him instead of Gabriel or Cassie. While Gabriel and Cassie were skilled hunters, everyone in the pack longed for a chance to train directly under their alpha.

The door opened, catching on the raised blue and purple carpet underneath the floor, before popping open and rattling against the wall. Declan leaned back against his chair and looked toward the door.

“Do you have to make a mess of everything before you enter a room?” he asked.

Gabriel shrugged, and for a beta, Gabriel always carried an aloof disposition when it came to Declan. Declan concluded that it was probably from his need to show the pack that he was just as big and bad as Declan. However, Gabriel’s complete lack of leadership skills and his true wolf form served as a constant reminder that he would never be quite as big as Declan.

“What is it?” Declan asked, running his hands over a scatter of papers on his desk.

Loose work orders and thirty day notices decorated his desk.

“We’ve got a bit of a problem,” Gabriel announced as he walked around the desk; his thick work shoes sent a smacking sound bouncing off of the walls.

Declan sighed and said, “A new resident not wanting to be trained by you doesn’t constitute a problem. I’m swamped, what do you need?”

Gabriel scoffed and leaned against Declan’s desk, his jean-clad legs just barely touched the wall that Declan’s chair rested against. Declan frowned, and moved his chair towards the left, fighting back his irritation at the small slice of room left between his legs and the desk.

Gabriel fished his cell phone out of one of the pocket in his jeans and scrolled down on the screen before flashing it in front of Declan. The basketball team captain photo of a recently turned werewolf smiled back at him.

Gabriel cleared his throat before saying, “I’m hearing rumors around town that this idiot,” he paused and jostled his phone up and down, “got into a fight with a couple of goons from the football team at the high school. And that he sent him limping away with claw marks down his back.”

Declan clenched his fists and took a deep inhale before replying, “And… where is he? What’s his name again? Aster?”

Gabriel nodded, “Something like that. I thought that I saw him in the halls this morning before I found out but I don’t know if he’s still there.”

Declan stood up, shoving his chair back against the wall. He whipped around and snatched a rusty brown key. The one that was dangling on one of the rungs on the cork key wall. The light just above their heads bounced off of the green of Declan’s eyes, highlighting the hot rage behind them.

When he parted his lips, his voice echoed a savage growl, “Let’s find out.

“What’s happening?!”


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