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Hi everyone, this is a preview of Book 2, “Chasing the Alpha!” It’s from my Full Moon Series and I truly hope you love it!! Lots of love, Mia xx

Noelle could not sleep that night; her stomach hurt so bad and it had nothing to do with the stuffed shells. Her nana’s words kept playing over in her mind and when she did manage to fall asleep, she dreamed of a young woman dressed in white plunging a knife into Declan. Then as she looked closer at the assailant’s face, she saw that it was her.
She reached for her phone and saw that it was just after three in the morning. She wanted to call him and see what he was doing. She wanted to meet with him and tell him what she’d just learned. But that would be like betraying her family. Every bone in her body ached for her to accept her destiny and embrace it, but her heart said, “no,” and that it needed more than this.

Noelle climbed out of bed and opened up her laptop, she was not even sure what to search or where to start. It wasn’t exactly like you could just Google, “Can a human and werewolf love each other.” She shut her computer in frustration and walked into the living room where her aunt Marjorie and Megan were asleep on the air mattress. She went into the kitchen and reached into the refrigerator for a water bottle.

As she closed it, her grandmother stood there and Noelle nearly choked on her water. “Nana!” she exclaimed, then realizing how loud she was, she whispered, “what in the world are you doing awake? You scared the crap out of me!”
“Watch your language, young lady,” but her grandmother smiled as she said it, “I’m glad you’re up. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Geez, Nana, you’re suddenly very chatty today.” Noelle laughed and her grandmother elbowed her playfully in the ribs. Noelle walked her grandmother back to her room and they sat down on the bed together.
“Noelle,” her nana started, “you were very emotional during the story today. Why is that?”

“Oh, well, Nana, you know, I’m just all over the place lately. After dad’s attack and everything…” Noelle trailed off when she noticed how her grandmother was looking at her, as if she did not believe one word of what Noelle was saying. “Okay, the story just struck a chord with me, that’s all. I promise.”

Her grandmother nodded slowly and then looked out the window wearing her usual vacant expression.


“Noelle, sometimes in this life we reach a crossroads where a decision must be made. No matter which road you go down, there will be people who will get hurt. It will seem as though it is a losing situation, but you must trust your instincts and go with your gut. I am not long for this world and I long to be back with your grandfather. He stayed by my side through everything and he understood me in every single way that a person is meant to be understood. You need to find someone who understands you in every single way, including this… your family’s destiny.”

“Nana? I’m not sure I understand.”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, young lady. When a beautiful woman such as yourself turns to mush over a sad ending to a love story, it’s because they are in love with someone and they are afraid of things ending badly. Now, I don’t know who this young man is, but I do know that if he is the person that will end up understanding and accepting you, then there is no need to cry for a sad ending. And because you’ll know in your heart that your story will end differently.” Noelle’s nana reached over and squeezed her hand tightly before standing up and leaving Noelle alone with her thoughts.

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