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Preview for my free giveaway book “Alpha”

Hi guys, here is a preview from my free book, “Alpha.” It’s my free giveaway book. It’s a werewolf shifter romance… I really hope you love it as much as I’ve loved writing it for you!

Jared usually preferred a good, uncomplicated order to things. His entire life, his strong-willed father and his beautiful mother had always laid things out for him. They had done it in such a way that there was no other possibility that an idea could be more than what it was. When he was a young boy and hadn’t hit puberty yet, they told him about the physical changes that he would experience and that it would be the way things went for the rest of his life. There hadn’t been any flowery discussion about the birds and the bees, but there had been an informative lecture on erections, wet dreams, and the physical change his body would go through in the middle of the night. It would occur allowing tough pieces of fur to come through. They would try to penetrate his soft and human skin even without his consent.

He slipped his feet into a pair of shoes that were leaning against his door frame and headed through the darkened hallways of his home. Once he got downstairs, a burst of light poured through the front door as he pulled it back and stepped outside and into the community.

Young men moved past his home, pushing an old car along the street. One of them paused and went out of his way to wave at Jared, who was in the midst of receiving an irritating slap on the back of his shaved head.

Jared offered them a polite smile as he moved throughout the neighborhood; he walked along the sidewalk and brushed past men that shouted enthusiastic “hellos.” Most of the women wore coy smiles and did quick checks to make sure that every hair was in place.

He approached a gray and white ranch style home with a gable roof that was painted black. Outside of the home, a swinging sign hung from a post that read, “James Clark – Silver Pines Home Association President.”

Jared bounded up the steps and flexed the door handle. He stepped inside, and the smell of cranberry potpourri floated through the air as a couple of assistants shuffled around on the lower floor of the house and kept their eyes forward. They were far too preoccupied with the bundle of papers in between their arms to stop and converse with Jared for any time at all.

Jared moved into the sitting-room, where he found his father sitting behind a desk, whispering instructions into Collin’s ear. Collin turned to the right upon sensing Jared in the room.

He grinned and said, “Did you decide to sleep in? Eat a little too much last night?”

Jared scoffed, “No, I think I let the pups get the best part of that buck. I could still go for another a meal.”

James slipped a sheet of paper into one of the drawers of his mahogany, antique desk and placed his elbows on top of the sheer surface.

“You’ll have plenty of time for seconds and thirds once you adequately train the new pups.”

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