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Writing for Pleasure by Author Mia Rose

Oh, I love writing sooooo much. It’s more than fun to create a story piece by piece. I take it all in my stride and nut out everything before I even start the first chapter. The plot, the characters, and the fundamental locations as well. Then my imagination whirrs along like a theme park ride.

Sometimes, I draw my characters by hand and then I even imagine I’m right there with them as I write my words down. Type my words down, I mean! We are in the twenty-first century, that’s for sure!

The guys are usually drop-dead-hot gorgeous, and the girls are mostly always smart and sexy, some with loads of funk and attitude. I love everything… from the plotting to the creation, and onto the final word at the end of my piece. Paranormal is my favorite genre because the possibilities are truly endless. I always tell new writers to focus on something they love before they start, that way the passion never goes!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my big, open heart. You guys keep me rock-solid and thoroughly motivated. I really hope you love everything I do! At the end of the day, I want my readers to breathe it in, like fresh mountain air! I love you guys xx


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